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About Me

Ever since I can remember, I've been someone who solves problems. I cannot un-see a problem and am constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to improve what exists or solve an existing issue using a creative new method.​


This is probably why Product Management became such a passion so quickly.​I'm a firm believer in the agile method of delivering small, simple things quickly. And I put this into practice in every aspect of my life. Always iterating in various ways to improve myself, my quality of life and my health.


​I'm also a believer in accepting the parts of ourselves that make us who we are. We wouldn't be a diverse and beautiful world if we were all exactly the same. Here are some of the things that make me beautiful and different: ​

  • I worked for nearly 10 years at a veterinary hospital and I believe this bred a deep sense of empathy into my soul that continues to serve me daily

  • My undergrad degree is in Finance. While I am an analytical mind, I only majored in finance for love (ask me about it some time)

  • I love crocheting and making stuffed animals and clothing

  • I love all things Pixar and collect Bambi memorabilia

  • I'm a huge Laika fan- If you must blink, do it now

  • Anxiety has had a hold on me since I was young, but I work daily to overcome its clutches and believe it makes me a huge asset as I'm always a few steps ahead of others when thinking of potential outcomes

  • I went skydiving with my dad for my 21st birthday and it helped my anxiety more than any medication or therapy session ever has

  • When I was little, I carried around an encyclopedia of animals (almost as big as I was) that I would whip out any chance I got to read about any animal I found

  • I brew beer with my husband and hope to eventually brew a beer to submit into She Brew! My favorite beers are brown ales!

  • I have a personal blog here! 



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